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NIRS for optimising blending and refinery processes

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Near-infrared spectroscopy has been successfully used in oil refineries for years.

Straightforward blending process with NIRS

Buy Viagra Online During the blending process, different fractions of the crude oil distillation are mixed together so as to produce the ready-to-sell diesel or gasoline grades. This is most economical when it is carried out in process systems that work online and can be automated. The endpoint of the blending process is reached when the required fuel specifications are achieved. Key characteristics which indicate the progress of the blending process are the cetane number for diesel blends and one of the octane ratings for gasoline blends. NIRS sensors located directly in the process enable the entire process to be controlled and ensure a high-quality end product. Additional parameters can be monitored in parallel.

In order to refine crude oil and natural gas into diverse petrochemical Generic Viagra products, complex processes are required, from crude oil distillation, cracking, and desulfurization to reforming. All these processes rely on NIRS analysis – whether to determine characteristics or the composition of petroleum products.


Advantages of NIRS analysis in petrochemistry
Near-infrared spectroscopy has been successfully used in oil refineries for years, as shown by the example of monitoring the blending of a range of fuels. NIRS detects numerous parameters in a single measurement in less than a minute. The cost savings are enormous. Further advantages are:

  • short response times and fast quality control
  • improved Viagra ED pills product quality and process optimisation
  • reduced investment, analysis, and maintenance costs
  • accurate and precise measuring results.


Real-time monitoring with NIRS process analysers

NIRS process analysers guarantee real-time monitoring of the sample flow in the process and thereby enable optimum product quality.

Robust and versatile
NIRS is an extremely robust and versatile method that is suitable for all sample types, from clear solutions and suspensions through to solids. By selecting a suitable fiber-optic interface, the process analyser can be perfectly adjusted to suit the required application. SingleFiber, MicroBundle, and DirectLight/NonContact are available.

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