Free Cyanide 24/7 continuously for better process control

Free Cyanide 24/7 continuously for better process control

Cyanide can be determined in several ways. Free cyanide is analysed by direct titration or photometric detection depending on concentrations.

Having to constantly perform manual Free Cyanide titrations? Struggling with repeatability and want frequent results?

10 minutes a week

Our automated systems will require around 10 minutes maintenance time PER WEEK, measuring time (unattended) averages 6 mins and the slurry sampler is integrated!

Free Cyanide titration: fast and reliable

Metrohm Process Analytics can automate your Free Cyanide titration to be fast and reliable.

The analyser can be located virtually anywhere in your plant.

With an IP66 rating, it can withstand even the harshest process conditions.

Dealing with slurries? No problem!

Analyser system features:

  • Integrated slurry sampler
  • Unlimited sampling points
  • Typical measuring time ~6 mins
  • Typical analysis accuracy better than 1% from measured value
  • Low maintenance – 10 minutes per week

Flexibility to use multiple analysis techniques and up to four measurements can be performed simultaneously, for example: WAD, CN and Total CN and Thiocyanate.

Metrohm Process Analytics

Let’s push the limits together!

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