QualityCare Service Contracts

Metrohm QualityCare Contracts

Service, certainty and so much more

No matter whether you work for a private company or for a public institution, as a laboratory manager you are required to use your resources as efficiently as possible. Failing equipment is a risk you simply cannot afford.

A Metrohm Australia or Metrohm New Zealand QualityCare Contract is your operational insurance card: safeguarding your instrument from failure and giving you peace of mind – from day one and for as long as you have it.
Cost certainty
With a QualityCare contract costs for maintenance and servicing are fixed and, more importantly, known to you – so you can keep in line with your budget.

Keep your equipment in top form, control your maintenance budget and minimise your risks

Reliable measurement results

A QualityCare contract means instruments are installed, calibrated and adjusted by trained and authorised Metrohm Australia or Metrohm New Zealand service professionals to ensure their operational efficiency.

Less risk of failure

Instruments that are serviced regularly fail less frequently and have a longer lifetime than instruments that do not get this care.

Fast repairs

With a QualityCare contract professional help is just a phone call away. Repairs are always performed by trained and authorised service professionals on a priority basis.

Original manufacturer spare parts

Original spare parts provide the best fit for your instrument and ensure its long lifetime.

Discounted spare parts

With a QualityCare contract you benefit from discounts on spare parts as specified in your Contract.

Maintain the value of your investment

Regular maintenance increases the service life of your instruments, so you retain the value of your investment.

The services offered by Metrohm Australia or Metrohm New Zealand are geared to your requirements. You can choose from a clearly defined range of QualityCare contracts, which build on each other in terms of scope and provision.

Preventative maintenance for a long service life

Regular maintenance is key to long-lasting, trouble-free operation of your analytical instruments and accurate measurement results.

That is why all QualityCare Contracts include at least one preventative maintenance check every year. This is carried out by a trained and authorised Metrohm service specialist. They know the hardware and software of your analyser by heart and can advise you on best practices to get the most out of your system.


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