Disinfectant By-Products in Drinking water

Disinfectant By-Products in Drinking water

Purifying our drinking water removes the bacteria that can make us sick. It can also introduce some harmful chemicals too.

Clean drinking water is the backbone of modern society. Healthy population leads to high productivity and minimal pressure on our health services.

Efficient purification

The most common water purification techniques are very efficient in removing biological and heavy metal contamination.

Water disinfection by-products

Unfortunately there are also drawbacks to the purification process.

Excessive chlorination can produce high levels of chlorite and chlorate. Similarly, ozone can lead to high levels of bromate. These highly carcinogenic oxyhalides are defined as disinfection by-products.

Regulated by the EPA

Levels of disinfection by-products in drinking water are regulated by the EPA.

Preferred technique: Ion Chromatography

Ion chromatography is the preferred technique for analysis, providing clear quantification at very low detection limits.


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