Karl Fischer titration, accurate moisture analysis in foodstuff

Safer, more reliable, more convenient.

Volumetric Karl Fischer titration provides the standard in accurate analysis for moisture in foods.

Metrohm’s OMNIS platform takes Volumetric Karl Fischer titration to a whole new level of convenience and safety.

  • Contact free reagent exchange
  • Automatic titration cell filling and emptying
  • Increased accuracy of dosing
  • Automatic start
  • Simple upgrade to automation with OMNIS Dis-cover

Metrohm provide expertise and knowledge developed over decades of providing quality Karl Fischer instrumentation to industries around the globe.

Monographs, webinars, application notes and simple tips and tricks for optimising Karl Fischer analysis are available from Metrohm Australia.

Contact us to see how Karl Fischer analysis can be integrated into production and quality control environments.

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