Lower the costs of etching bath control

Lower the costs of etching bath control

Improve performance while lowering costs with Metrohm Process Ion Chromatographs

The analysis of samples from an etching baths can provide an analytical challenge. This is due to the varying pH and high levels of metals make direct Ion Chromatography impossible.

While Ion Chromatography is perfect for the analysis of acids in aqueous matrices, analysis in this harsh matrix requires some level of sample pre-treatment.

Manual sample preparation is costly

Manual sample preparation and pre-treatment is too costly to be a viable solution. Automation is required.

Metrohm Process Ion Chromatography provides the solution to costly manual sample preparation. Inline pH neutralisation, matrix elimination and filtration mean the need for manual sample preparation is gone.

Constant monitoring, faster optimisation of processes, higher quality output.

Etching bath monitoring makes sense for so many reasons.

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