Automated sample preparation for halide analysis

Automated sample preparation for halide analysis

Analysis of mining and mineral samples does not need to be labor intensive.

Mining and mineral samples, by their nature, contain high levels of transition metals, dust and particles as well as a wide range of analyte concentrations: all of the things that make life difficult when using a highly sensitive analytical instrument.

To combat these characteristics, a number of sample preparation techniques are required. Simple filtration will remove dust and particles. Dilution or pre-concentration is regularly used to assist with ranging analyte concentrations. Matrix elimination cartridges often take care of the transition metals.

Of course, all of these preparation steps take up valuable time when performed manually. Additional costs for single use cartridges and filters also add up quickly. Finally, manual preparation introduces potential errors through poor liquid handling.

Metrohm provide intelligent solutions for cheap, automated, sample preparation.

  • Patented technology for automated filtration of up to 100 samples using a single filter take away the need for manual filtration and provides major savings in consumables.
  • In-line dilution of samples and standards removes the need for manual liquid handling, with intelligent software enabling re-dilution if results are outside of the calibration range.
  • In-line matrix elimination with regeneration ensures transition metals are removed without the need for expensive disposable matrix elimination cartridges.

How many ways can you simplify the processes and save money in your laboratory? Metrohm Ion Chromatography can show you how.

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