Preparing coffee beans for NIR analysis in 20 sec

The forward and reverse mode of the Grindomix GM 200 and GM 300 effectively grinds the roasted coffee, providing a homogenous sample for analysis.

Near infrared spectroscopy is used to determine coffee quality, components and for authentication. The advantages are that it is a chemical-free assessment, fast, non-destructive and reduces labour-cost.

Preparing the roasted coffee bean sample

The diversity of foodstuffs with their often very different product properties represents a real challenge for food testing laboratories. Before the actual analysis, the sample materials – which can vary strongly with regards to hardness and moisture – need to be homogenized and reduced to a sufficiently small particle size.

RETSCH’s GRINDOMIX knife mills are the ideal tools to meet the complex requirements of the sample preparation of coffee beans.

The knife mill is equipped with a strong motor, to make use of the full cutting capacity of the blades for the size reduction process.

The forward and reverse mode effectively grinds the roasted coffee and remaining moisture within the bean, providing a homogenous sample for analysis. In addition, the short grinding times ensure low heat build-up.

The model GM 200 has proven itself for the homogenisation of small sample volumes of up to 700 ml. For larger volumes RETSCH offers the GM 300 model with a grinding chamber volume of 5,000 ml.

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