Air Water Soil

The analysis of air, water and soil has become of essential importance in many industries.

Metrohm provides a significant range of scientific instruments and applications designed especially for environmental monitoring. Manufactured by the most renowned companies in their field, the instruments are not only sold and serviced by Metrohm but customers in Australia and New Zealand can tap into the vast knowledge and experience of the world’s leading scientists using Metrohm’s on location support and service.

Metrohm: Total nitrogen, total kjeldahl nitrogen, total phosphorus in water, wastewater as per ASTM D8001

Total nitrogen, total kjeldahl nitrogen, total phosphorus in water, wastewater as per ASTM D8001

Distillation vs Ion Chromatography Typical analysis of total nitrogen requires a distillation followed by colorimetric determination. As distillation is a tedious process and not reproducible, errors are easily introduced. ASTM D8001 provides a simple solution for simultaneous determination of total nitrogen and phosphorus using the robust Metrosep A Supp 16...
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Metrohm Process Analytics: Online copper analysis to control Legionella in hot or cold water supply

Online copper analysis to control Legionella in hot or cold water supply

Copper-silver ionization Copper-silver ionization disperses positively charged copper and silver ions into the water system. The ions bond electrostatically with negative sites on bacterial cell walls and denature proteins. Over the long term, the presence of copper and silver ions destroy biofilms and slimes that can harbor Legionella, the bacteria...
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Increasing environmental analysis productivity with MISP

Environmental analysis productivity: Savings speak for themselves

Environmental analysis is a highly competitive market. Saving time and money while maintaining result quality is key to a competitive edge. Increasing environmental analysis productivity The ability to avoid sample preparation and expensive consumable parts has long been the desire of environmental laboratories. Sample preparation takes time and time equates...
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How to minimize standard deviations by correct sample preparation

Modern analytical methods increase precision and push detection limits to make even the smallest traces of sample components detectable. Despite this development sample preparation, which is carried out prior to the actual analysis, is frequently neglected. White Paper: Follow the link to learn more and download the white paper by...
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Fast pH in low ionic strength waters (pure waters)

In many application fields, such as the analysis of low ionic strength waters, a reliable and fast pH measurement can be a challenge. Usually, typical solutions hold significant quantities of acid/base and dissolved salts which makes pH measurements easy, speedy and reliable. Fast pH in low ionic strength waters: Low...
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Disinfection by-products, a key indicator for drinking water quality

Professional production of drinking water requires sophisticated purification. Chlorite, chlorate, and the carcinogenic bromate are by-products of the disinfection process. Their determination at very low detection limits in the presence of the standard ions is regulated by various standards and norms, among them US-EPA 300.1 A and B, ASTM D6581-12,...
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IC software update: MagIC Net 3.2

MagIC Net controls the newest line of IC instruments (including the new Eco IC, 940 Professional IC Vario instruments, and the 930 Compact IC Flex instruments) and sample changers. It is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and enables automation of the whole analysis including sample preparation steps. For users of...
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Four titration workstations running up to 175 samples independently from the sample robot

The market has spoken and we have listened. Faster, Safer, Easier, Smarter, More than ever before. Metrohm's titration platform is modular and can be expanded from a simple stand-alone titrator to a powerful robotic system performing 4 analyses simultaneously processing up to 175 samples completely unattended. Multiple work stations that...
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Wastewater Treatment Plants: Nitrogen Removal – Simultaneous analysis of Ammonia, Nitrate and Nitrite

Nitrogen in wastewater is mostly organic nitrogen. The importance of nutrient removal in the form of nitrogen and phosphorus in industrial and municipal wastewater has increased significantly over the past decade to minimize water pollution and avoid eutrophication of water bodies. Nitrogen in wastewater is mostly organic nitrogen, ammonium/ammonia and...
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Metrohm: 141 samples fit in this automated titration system

55 USB Robotic Titrosampler The Metrohm 855 USB Robotic Titrosampler with 141 position rack. Automated high-volume acid-base titration Don’t waste time, don’t waste money on waste water (or drinking water): this instrument is perfect for pH, EC, Alkalinity and more. We have the complete package for the determination of acid...
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Metrohm: Ion chromatography in a productive environmental lab – See how much BSK Labs is saving

Environmental laboratories often need to analyse heavily contaminated samples which must be filtered and diluted first. Brad Meadows is Vice President and Lab Director at the US company BSK Labs, which runs a number of environmental laboratories and service centers. Brad is an analytical chemist and has been working in...
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Carbohydrates as tracers in environmental analysis

Carbohydrates constitute the biggest part of the biomass on Earth. They are produced by photosynthesis and are present in all plants and plant based materials. The amount and composition of carbohydrates in a sample can reveal a wide range of different information, depending on the context. As a result, they...
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