Metrohm QualityCare – Maintaining your Metrohm Instrumentation

Metrohm Quality Care - Maintaining your Metrohm Instrumentation

Keep your instruments in optimum working order.

Maintaining your precision instrumentation has many parallels with maintaining your car. We perform a number of small maintenance procedures throughout the year. With certified service engineers performing major maintenance and calibrations on an annual or six monthly basis.

Users of Metrohm instruments should be performing a basic maintenance on a semi-regular basis, changing filters and peristaltic tubing are good examples. Similar to toping up the oil or checking the tyre pressure of your car, this keeps your instrument running smoothly between services.

Having a Metrohm Accredited Service Technician perform a yearly maintenance of your instrument, just like your car, ensures longer-term health. All of the key indicators of long-term instrument health are checked while key wearing parts are checked, changed or maintained.

Interested in the benefits of a yearly instrument maintenance? Check out  Metrohm QualityCare Contracts. 

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