Automated Matrix Elimination

Automated Matrix Elimination

Optimize your sample preparation with the minimum effort.

While clean waters are the perfect sample for ion chromatography, samples requiring analysis are rarely nice enough to present this way. Samples from mining leachates, soils and chemical waste contain all sorts of things that are best kept away from a separation column.

In-line filtration and dialysis are fantastic resources for removing components that will cause blockages. But what about the components that cause chemical issues. High pH, low pH, samples with high ionic loading. All of these can cause difficulty with separation and analysis.

Of course there is a way around these issues and, with Metrohm, it can be automated. In-line matrix elimination utilises Metrohm’s Sample Preparation Module (SPM) to neutralise pH and remove cation matrices that would interfere with ion chromatography analysis. As the SPM is constantly regenerated, there are minimal operational costs and even less consumable waste . Even better, in-line matrix elimination can be used in conjunction with in-line filtration and other sample preparations techniques.

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