Metrohm 856 Conductivity Module integrated into OMNIS Titration System!

Metrohm 856 Conductivity Module integrated into OMNIS Titration System

When 5 rings are better than 3. Wider measuring ranges and higher precision in conductivity.

Not all probes are created equal

Conductivity is a staple of the environmental laboratory. Drinking water, waste water and soils all require it. But not all conductivity probes are created equal.

To provide the most convenient conductivity probes, Metrohm have developed probes with a five-ring measuring cell, with features un-paralleled in the market:

  • no additional platinisation
  • extended linear range
  • no wall effect means no worrying about probe position in beakers
  • simultaneous measurement of pH and conductivity
  • in-built temperature measurement

Integrated in the OMNIS system

Now that Metrohm’s 856 Conductivity Module is integrated in the OMNIS platform, the benefits of Metrohm’s 5-ring conductivity probes can be enjoyed faster than ever before.

Metrohm’s OMNIS titration system provides automation at a new level with up to four analysis stations in one analytical system. The stations can be configured to individual analysis, or all put to the same use churning through enormous sample numbers in a short time.

175 samples aren’t not enough? Sample racks can easily be hot swapped to allow continuous re-loading.

Automated pH, conductivity and alkalinity determination is now faster than ever before.

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