Fast analysis for busy laboratories

Fast analysis for busy laboratories

Short on time? Get those results faster.

“Chromatography is a slow analytical technique…..”

“If it doesn’t use gradient elution it won’t be fast enough……”

“I can’t wait that long for results…..”

These are all statements that have been synonymous with ion chromatography for a long time, but are they really true?

There have been a let of improvements in ion chromatography in recent times. Instrument and column technology behind ion chromatography has come a long way, as has the software used for instrument control and data handling.

New packing materials used in separation columns create improved peak shape and separation profiles, which in turn allow for higher eluent strengths and higher pressures.

Updated hardware provides precise movement in the flow path, which leads to less background noise from mechanical influences. The result? Clearer baselines and lower detection limits.

The latest software improves the handling of data with more measuring points and greater flexibility for integration of results.

With these improvements, using shorter analytical columns and concentrated eluents makes even isocratic chromatography separations faster and more stable. Analysing halides, amines, cations and organic acids can now operate in 10 minutes or less. When considering the number of analyte results returned from a single ion chromatography analysis, is this really that slow?

As the world becomes a busier place, turnaround times required for analyses become shorter. Happily, ion chromatography is helping the analytical laboratory move with the times.

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