NIR spectroscopy in the polymer industry

NIR spectroscopy in the polymer industry

Download the Application Bulletin listing 123 NIR applications.

Due to NIR analysis requiring no sample preparation and being non-destructive, many polymer and plastic attributes can be measured rapidly inline, online, atline or offline for qualitative as well as quantitative parameters.

NIR spectroscopy in the polymer industry

In this application bulletin we presents some examples of NIR applications and feasibility studies using NIRSystems in the polymer industry. It includes analysis of various parameters essential to polymer industry such as monitoring hydroxyl number, acid value, density, melt index, carboxyl number, additive levels, moisture content, Total acid number (TAN), degree of polymerization, pigment concentration etc.

  • NIR spectroscopy is sensitive to the O-H bond absorption, therefore hydroxyl number determination is a common application
  • Thermoplastics production, raw material purity, and moisture content can be analyzed with NIR spectroscopy
  • The disappearance of double bonds can be monitored real time in reactions using inline NIR process analyser
  • Residual solvents, monomers and additives are possible to be analysed
  • NIR analysis also allows for the determination of physical properties such as molecular weight, degree of branching, tacticity, melting point, particle size verification, density, and viscosity
  • NIR spectroscopy is an excellent tool for determining the incoming raw materials and reaction endpoints, reducing over-processing of product and improving production consistency.
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