Determination of heat stable salt in MDEA via ion chromatography

The analysis of the heat stable salts in MDEA solutions is performed on a Metrosep A Supp 5 – 250/4.0 column with conductivity detection after sequential suppression.

Amine hygiene – heat stable salt

Amines have been used for many years to remove acid gases from natural gas.

Amine systems have been the workhorse of the gas treating industry for many years and the push is harder than ever for optimum performance and reliability. Along with proper maintenance of equipment, proper care of the chemical solutions can also significantly improve plant throughput and lower operating cost. Optimal performance can be achieved if proper attention is paid to “amine hygiene.”

Excessive corrosion and amine solvent loss from foaming upsets are two of the costliest expenses in operating an amine system.

Strong acid anions such as formate, acetate, thiosulphate, thiocyanate and chloride can tie up an amine molecule to form a salt that is not capable of being regenerated by the addition of heat, and thus referred to as heat-stable salts.

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