PULP and PAPER: Controlling of Chemical Recovery and Causticizing Process using On-line Analyser

TTA (Total Titrable alkali) in green liquor in 48 hours (g/L as NaOH) / Alkali Analyser System for 8 sample stream.

The Kraft process is the dominant pulping process in the pulp and paper industry with the highest chemical recovery efficiency. Sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide, the main chemicals used to pulp wood (also known as liquors) are monitored in several stages of the cooking process from the digester to the recovery boiler to the causticizing plant. Frequently and reliable on-line measurements will lead to a more effective process, better quality of the white liquors for reuse in pulp production and energy savings by efficient generation of high pressure steam.

The Process Application Note No.1004 illustrates the straightforward online analysis of alkali (active, effective, total titratable alkali (TTA), carbonate, hydroxide, sulfide and the causticizing degree in percent (CE%). The analyzer determines white, green, black, and wash liquor with multiple sample lines and outputting results for closed-loop control. The method complies with the pulp and paper industry standard SCAN-N 30:85. Additionally, the sulfate concentration can be measured with thermometric titration.

The application note is available for a free download below.

ADI 2045TI Ex proof Analyzer

The ADI 2045TI Ex proof Process Analyzer is used in hazardous environments where explosion proof protection is a critical safety requirement. The analyzer fulfills EU Directives 94/9/EC (ATEX95) and is certified for Zone-1 and Zone-2 areas. The analyzer design combines a purge/pressurization system with intrinsic safety electronic devices. The air purging phase and permanent overpressure prevents any potentially explosive atmosphere in the ambient air from entering the analyzer enclosure. The analyzer smart design avoids the need for purging large analyzer shelters and can be located at the production line in the hazardous zone.

Titration, Karl Fischer titration, photometry, measurements with ion selective electrodes, and direct measurements are all possible with this Ex-p version.

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