Cyanide and sulfide via IC with amperometric detection

Cyanide and sulfide via IC with amperometric detection

Chromatogram of 10 ppb cyanide and sulphide in water.

DC amperometry is a highly sensitive analytical method that is characterised by detection limits in the lowest ng/L range.

Another outstanding feature is its high selectivity, which enables matrix effects to be suppressed in the chromatogram, so reliable analysis can be carried out successfully even in the most difficult sample matrices.(e.g., glacial acetic acid, urine, wastewater).

To ensure optimum analysis of samples, Metrohm offers a wide selection of working electrode materials: gold (Au), silver (Ag), platinum (Pt), copper (Cu), and glassy carbon (GC). Complete cell equipments with an intelligent measuring cell, including the permanently installed auxiliary electrode, suitable working electrode, and reference electrode, are also available to users for the standard DC mode applications, such as cyanide determination, and for the analysis of inorganic anions.

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