Monitor specific analytes in juices and fruits

Monitor specific analytes in juices and fruits

Monitoring quality from the raw material to the final product is a vital requirement when processing juices and fruits. Spoilage, additives and ingredients  are analysed and the quality of the product is monitored.

Quality control in the fruit and juice industry is performed in two main areas:

Spoilage control and constituents are monitored and analysed to ensure the end product fulfils the quality specifications regarding taste and shelf life.



The following parameters are commonly monitored:

• Diverse forms of sugars such as glucose, fructose, maltose, etc.

• D-lactic acid to avoid undesired fermentation by lactic acid bacteria

• Ethanol to avoid undesired fermentation by yeast

• Ascorbic acid

• Citric acid

• D-Isocitric acid

• Sulphites in some juices & fruit extracts


Enzymatic reagents and photometry

Enzymatic reagents from BioSystems offer reliability, are highly sensitive and are very easy to use in combination with the photometric BioSystems Y15 random access analyser.


• High sensitivity / specificity

• Enzyme-substrate complex

• Proven reliability and accuracy

• Affordable instruments

• Photometry based

• Calibration standards supplied

• Correlation between ABS / concentration

• Speedy process 24 seconds (automated)

• Cost efficient

• Minimal personnel training requirements

Allergens and mycotoxins

When cereals or additives and raw materials containing egg, soy or milk proteins are used in the manufacturing process parameters such as gluten or allergens are monitored as well. Mycotoxins (Ochratoxin A) are often analysed for when grape juice is being used.

ELISA methods for allergens and gluten are official standards due to the antigen-antibody specificity. BioSystems immunoassay reagents display high sensitivity with few cross-reactivities, easy performance through standardized methods, have ready-to-use reagents and have been validated in different matrices.


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