Metrohm: Sulfur dioxide measurement

916 Ti Touch

The Metrohm 916 Ti Touch is the perfect instrument to measure for free sulfur dioxide in wine.

Sulfur dioxide is an important preservative utilised in wines and other foods and beverages for that matter. It is important to monitor free sulfur dioxide during wine storage and processing to prevent microbial growth and the oxidation of the product.

The presence of several forms of SO2 in wine makes its determination difficult. By adjusting the pH of the sample, various forms will be converted to one species.

With the Metrohm 916, the final step of the titration can be automated and consistent results achieved.

The 916 Ti-Touch
The 916 Ti-Touch is a potentiometric titrator for routine applications.
Designed as an easy-to-use and compact system, it is equipped with a variety of features to make your work more comfortable: color touch screen, shortcuts for favorite methods, a second port for an additional titration stand and buret, and many more.

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